Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Bhasha India:Calling Bloggers..

Wanna get a prize? Blogs in an Indian language started before February 2006 would be chosen for the Indic Bloggers Awards. You can nominate your Indian Language Blogs now to receive a Indic Bloggers Awards Trophy and a Titan gift voucher worth Rs.3500/-.

The Indic Bloggers Awards was conceptualized with the aim of encouraging those people who till date have been not only expressing their opinions but also promoting the use of an Indian language on the Internet.

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IBA-Vote Now

I have a long way to go and I guess Awards are for all those buddy Gujarati Bloggers who rise and shine....Heyy...why don't you people list your name in there...All the Best.

- ilaxi


Harsukh Thanki said...

Whatever you doing is impressive. I just started writing Gujarati blogs a week ago. May be some other time I take part for such award.

TechPen said...

Let's come together on http://www.gujaratijunction.com to bring all the

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Let's also show the Mightiness of Gujaratis by coming together on http://www.gujaratijunction.com

Anonymous said...

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